Mar 8, 2011

Hello world!

We are a group of five anthropologists doing research on mobile technology, gender and development. We are based in the Department of History and Ethnology of University of Jyväskylä, Finland but our field research areas are in South Asia and Africa.

You can see our project website for further infomation about our project. In this blog we will publish project updates such as abstracts, conference papers, articles, pictures and news related to our field of research. Shorter updates are published through our Twitter account. Please feel free to suggest any links and materials you feel should be published in this blog.

Moreover, all comments are welcome!


  1. Congratulations on your new web presence - I am looking forward to seeing this project grow. I just finished co-teaching a course in Culture & Development - your site would have made a great addition to the class resources! All the best to you, Mark Oppenneer (

  2. Hello Mark,

    Thank you for your encouraging comment. We will surely be following what happens in The Ethnos Project. Let's keep in touch!